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As I entered Campion, I was happy to see that only a narrow line stood in the way of me entering the dining hall. The cashier swiftly took my card, swiped it and handed it back to me. My mood drastically shifted when I noticed the lack of seating and long lines. I sat down and began to digest my atmosphere. I first became aware of questionable smell that overtook the dining hall. This must have been the result of pasta, burgers, pizza and sandwiches all in the midst of preparation. I stood up and headed over to the densely populated serving area where many students looked hungry and frustrated by the lengthy lines. This swarm of students is known as the midday lunch rush.

The DB area of Campion proved to tell as different story. Students are less apt to eat here because it is not included in the meal plan. Immediately, I noticed that lines were much shorter and seating area was much more available. One could choose between three main options for type of food they would like to eat. As I went around the serving area, I was delighted to notice that students were much more relaxed and easygoing. Two cashiers were on duty and both greeted me with a smile as I strolled by. The system of serving food in this area seems much more efficient. Order on the computer screen and pick it up at the counter. It was simple. This is a place I would much rather come to for my break to relax and prepare for my next class.

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  • November 6, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    I like that you were focused on your own senses as opposed to what everyone else was doing around you- That’s mostly how I formatted my observations and lookings as well. I also think it was cool that you compared and contrasted Campion with DB! They are very different spaces with different types of people, so I think the consideration was good to show varietion in function and location.


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