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Upon entry into the Campion Dining Hall, I am greeted by a female cashier who is concurrently engaging in conversation with another worker that is on break. The worker on break is enjoying her lunch that looks like it was provided by the dining hall. The two are discussing how one another spent their weekend and what they plan to do for the following one.

Looking further, I notice that most of the lunch tables are occupied by students who are either eating or studying intently. The time is 12:15 pm so I assume that most of these students are in the middle of their workday. Campion is a service that provides quick and convenient food for the average student who is on the go. The drink, cereal and silverware dispensers are all stocked to provide fluidity. The wide range of smells make it difficult to identify a single one. Their pungency seems to linger on one’s clothes for hours after they exit the dining area.

However, the serving area is densely populated accompanied by long lines and minimal working staff. The expressions on students faces show impatience and frustration. Through my experiences, this is a normal setting for a workday lunch rush.

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