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The hair I scrutinized was of a female that had been sitting in DB. This hair was somewhat long reaching down to just below the middle of her back. I took note of how it was shortened by the use of a ponytail and without it would probably extend beyond her back. The ponytail was pink and raised her hair above her head. This style of ponytail allowed for emphasis on the highlights that were displayed. These highlights were blonde, which contrasted her seemingly natural brunette color. This color of blonde is considered ‘dirty’, which allowed for less of a stark difference between the two colors. I took appreciation of this thoughtful transition that many would overlook. This hair was obviously quite nurtured. It appeared to be damp in a way that showed she had recently showered. The hair was also frizzled that gave the impression she had been in a rush that morning. I assume she took a brief shower, threw her hair in a ponytail and headed out the door. This degree of frizziness showed that the sun had played a major role in drying it. She had not accounted for all the hair within the ponytail. This was evident by the two strands of hair that had been freely dangling on the sides of her face. Her strands in the front hadn’t been nearly as long as the hair in the back, even with the ponytail. This made we wonder whether she had extensions, but I am not one to know much about that.¬†I imagine that the hair is knotty because of how it was treated that morning. I can see many skewed strands of hair, which gives evidence that she had not combed throughly or at all. This hair was of a moderately bright hue. This volume allowed for a went along nicely with the darker shade of blonde highlights. I found that this woman’s hair was not your average natural look. In summary, it was clear that she had put time and effort into styling it. However, I must have caught her on a day where she hadn’t had time to show off its potential.

This had been my first time spying on a stranger while taking notes. When I first learned the assignment I thought it would be awkward and worried that I would be caught starring too much. I situated myself at an empty table in DB and began glancing about the room. I saw many prospects that I could write about. The dining area was sparsely occupied which heightened my risk of being caught starring. I saw people with many different hair styles that had potential, but I wanted someone with many different aspects to there hair. This way I could easily write a lot about them and maybe learn something while doing it. Once I found my target, I began taking many notes with ease and the process felt natural. It was not difficult to go under the radar. Taking notes of not just the hair, but everything in my environment gave me a different outlook. During a normal visit to the dining hall, I tend to miss out on taking in the subtleties of my surroundings. With all the chores of the day weighing in on one’s mind, it is uncommon to stop and digest what is really going on. As humans we become desensitized to our usual surroundings and eventually develop tunnel vision. Sitting at that table and taking in everything helped me understand more of what can be easily missed. The people surrounding you and the conversations taking place are all part of the experience. I understand now that the art of storytelling is being able to close portray a scenario that you experienced to someone who has not. Being able to paint a clear picture of what its like is part of the skill that takes great practice to master. This exercise helped put into perspective what we should be focusing on for our investigation¬†projects. Helping the audience understand what these people do and why is my task that I will strive to fulfill.

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As I entered Campion, I was happy to see that only a narrow line stood in the way of me entering the dining hall. The cashier swiftly took my card, swiped it and handed it back to me. My mood drastically shifted when I noticed the lack of seating and long lines. I sat down and began to digest my atmosphere. I first became aware of questionable smell that overtook the dining hall. This must have been the result of pasta, burgers, pizza and sandwiches all in the midst of preparation. I stood up and headed over to the densely populated serving area where many students looked hungry and frustrated by the lengthy lines. This swarm of students is known as the midday lunch rush.

The DB area of Campion proved to tell as different story. Students are less apt to eat here because it is not included in the meal plan. Immediately, I noticed that lines were much shorter and seating area was much more available. One could choose between three main options for type of food they would like to eat. As I went around the serving area, I was delighted to notice that students were much more relaxed and easygoing. Two cashiers were on duty and both greeted me with a smile as I strolled by. The system of serving food in this area seems much more efficient. Order on the computer screen and pick it up at the counter. It was simple. This is a place I would much rather come to for my break to relax and prepare for my next class.

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Upon entry into the Campion Dining Hall, I am greeted by a female cashier who is concurrently engaging in conversation with another worker that is on break. The worker on break is enjoying her lunch that looks like it was provided by the dining hall. The two are discussing how one another spent their weekend and what they plan to do for the following one.

Looking further, I notice that most of the lunch tables are occupied by students who are either eating or studying intently. The time is 12:15 pm so I assume that most of these students are in the middle of their workday. Campion is a service that provides quick and convenient food for the average student who is on the go. The drink, cereal and silverware dispensers are all stocked to provide fluidity. The wide range of smells make it difficult to identify a single one. Their pungency seems to linger on one’s clothes for hours after they exit the dining area.

However, the serving area is densely populated accompanied by long lines and minimal working staff. The expressions on students faces show impatience and frustration. Through my experiences, this is a normal setting for a workday lunch rush.

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